Stephanie King

Stephanie holds a degree in business and management and has worked most of her working life in a managerial role or within the staffing and sales sector.

Stephanie’s has also trained as a personal trainer and enjoys doing courses in her spare time . 

Being furloughed from the staffing company she managed, pushed her to join up with her business partner and long time friends to build a successful business and this is how Rosemond was formed .



Michelle Wilkins

Michelle is one of the founding members of Rosemond Services and quickly set up the business in early 2020, Michelle believed that this was the right time to create a new business that encapsulated exceptional customer experience.


Whilst at University Michelle worked as an Inventory clerk and quickly identified some common flaws within the sector. With this belief she could use her knowledge and proficiency to create a business that pushed the standards within the Inventory sector.


Michelle has worked for many corporate businesses and whilst working there her knowledge and expertise has taught her to work to tight deadlines and making sure all associated works and staff members work towards stringent programme. Michelle has managed large teams during complex projects of which are of vast value.


Having gained this experience has allowed Michelle to implement this within Rosemond services.  Michelle is very hands on with the day to day running of the business and has helped grow the business from strength to strength.


Michelle’s vision when she formed Rosemond services has always been to create a recognised and easily identifiable brand that appeals within the sector Rosemond Services operates in.


With this belief and unique approach Rosemond Services was formed.



Hannah Vatani