Let us answer that?


What do I need to confirm my booking?

Please send us the full address of the property, how many bedrooms it has, if its furnished, if it’s a house or flat and how we can get access. We will need the tenant’s details to arrange the booking direct if
we are meeting them, alternatively we can give you some time slot options for your tenants to choose.


Do you collect keys?

Yes. We can collect and deliver keys within a 20-minute journey time of the property. Key collection from further away can sometimes be possible if the clerk is local before or after your booking. Some clients post us keys, leave in a Key Nest or meet the clerk at the property.


Can you do a check out if someone else has done the inventory/check in?

Yes. But we will need the report before we attend the check out. A check out compares the condition of the property to what it was at the time the tenants moved in so it’s an essential document.


Will the meter readings be taken?

All our clerks include meter readings in their reports (if accessible), however should the meters be placed in unusual places we require the instructing principle for guidance beforehand.


Does the tenant have to be present for the check in?

Ideally yes. However, if a tenant is unable to be present at the time of check in we can still conduct the report and deliver keys locally for the tenants to collect when they are available.


Does the tenant have to be present for the check out?

No. We regularly collect keys to conduct check outs in the tenant’s absence. there is nothing a tenant can say to the clerk at the time of the check-out that will alter what they state on the report, the clerk will make their own decision at time of check out and its then up to the party dealing with any dilapidation’s etc to make a decision as to whether a claim from the deposit would be sought.


What happens after the booking?

24-48 hours after the booking has taken place, bar Sundays. We need this time to upload all photos and get the report typed up. It then goes through 2 rounds of quality control and then is sent to you via a PDF attachment.


When do you require payment?

Private landlords & new clients will need to pay up front. We will work with agents regarding payment terms, normally 14 days, but maximum terms are 30


Can you do our end of tenancy clean and check out on the same day?

Yes of course! Just contact the team.