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The best end of tenancy cleaning guarantees the most satisfying post-rent property condition. Our end of tenancy cleaning specialists, who continually work closely with our inventory clerks, landlords and estate agents to maintain their cleaning checklists, which are verified and regularly updated to meet the high standards required from the industry. ​

Post Tenancy Cleaning Services have been developed through years of work with tenants, landlords, major lettings and estate agents, and property management firms. Extensive cleaner training and flexible scheduling allow us to tackle any job, no matter how dirty, and our prices are highly competitive.

All our end of tenancy cleaning services includes the best
equipment, cleaning products and materials for the job. We send you a team of cleaning professionals suitable to the size of the job and state of the property and we can also provide specialty carpet cleaning, upon request.

Our smart and professional cleaning teams are hardworking and know exactly what they are doing so you can just leave them to get on with it.

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End of Tenancy 



The property must be thoroughly cleaned throughout before the Check-Out. You will not be allowed to return to the property to finish off the cleaning after the Check-Out has taken place. If the property is not fully cleaned, you may be liable for the cost of professional cleaning. Please bear in mind professional cleaning is of a significantly higher standard than general domestic cleaning. You will need to pay particular attention to woodwork, flooring, household furniture (if applicable), kitchen units and appliances, sanitaryware – especially limescale staining.​

If pets have been kept at the property, please refer to your Tenancy Agreement to check the specific requirements for professional floor cleaning and de- infestation. 

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