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Taking care of all your properties needs.

Whether you’re renting out a shiny apartment in a new-build or a graceful old Victorian terrace, there is always something that could go wrong.

At Rosemond Services we provide a professional property maintenance service including locksmiths, plumbing, electrical and general maintenance.

We also specialise in building work, flooring service, hard surface repair and appliance insulation.


If there is a service not on the list, please contact us we may be able to assist.  


 Gas Certification 



Gas Safety Inspection 

As a landlord, it's your responsibility to 

make sure a gas safety inspection has to be carried out in any rented accommodation in the UK once a year. It is a law. It is also a landlord's responsibility to arrange the inspection with a gas safe registered engineer. If a landlord is gas safe registered engineer himself he is not allowed to carry out the inspection in his properties.

We also offer a small boiler service combined. The small service involves cleaning condense traps, topping up pressure, adjusting burner rates etc etc where applicable.


 Electrial Certifiacation 



Electrical Installation Condition Report


As of 2020, there are new Electrical Regulations for landlords. A big part of these regulations requires landlords to acquire an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) provided by a qualified technician every five years. We provide you with a fully comprehensive and in-depth inspection to guarantee that all electrical equipment has been safely installed. This is followed by a six-page report (certificate) detailing any remedial work required or recommended (if any).

It is a legal requirement for an electrical safety certificate to be conducted in any circumstance where electrical equipment in the property has failed to be tested within the last five years. This ensures the safety of tenants and offers protection of their investments for Landlords.

Other services include

PAT Testing 

Fire Alarm and emergency light report

Appliance diagnostic 

Leak detection